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With more extreme heat, air conditioning becomes a matter of life and death

2 days ago

According to NASA, last month was the hottest June documented in the past 139 years. And the National Weather Service forecasts record highs, at potentially deadly levels, through the coming weekend. How is climate change related to the extreme heat, and how can individuals and governments prepare for more days of it? William Brangham talks to Astrid Caldas of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Killer heat could alter Florida living

3 days ago

Life as we know it would completely change if no action is taken to reduce heat-trapped emissions over the next century, according to a study by The Union

Midwest Floods May Lead Illinois to New Solutions

–Climate News
4 days ago

The Midwest floods of 2019 have caused hardship and loss but, Illinois has not seen much in the way of damages. Part of the reason is because Illinois has strong floodplain management regulations, something Governor Pritzker is expected to keep...