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Islamic State supporters escape in Syria as US pulls back

–Associated Press
13 hours ago

AKCAKALE, Turkey (AP) — Hundreds of Islamic State supporters escaped from a holding camp in northern Syria on Sunday amid heavy clashes between invading Turkish-led forces and Kurdish fighters,...

China Emerges With Wins From U.S. Trade Truce

–Wall Street Journal
17 hours ago

The U.S. shelved new tariffs against China while leaving many demands to be worked out later. The truce opens an opportunity for Beijing to kick down the road concessions that it doesn’t want to make.

Drip, drip of revelations damages Trump

–The Hill
1 day ago

The drip, drip of revelations from the House Democratic impeachment probe of President Trump is continuing to create bad headlines for the White House.

CDC warns to get shots before start of flu season

3 days ago

An early onset season in Australia has the CDC warning to get flu shots early. This year's vaccine is expected to be well-matched to circulating strains, but officials caution that influenza can be unpredictable.

Trump Decries FBI ‘Scum'

3 days ago

In an interview with The Daily Caller published on Thursday, President Donald Trump attacked “scum” in the FBI, while railing against the “deep state.” The president was ...

Giuliani's entanglements seriously threaten Trump's presidency

3 days ago

On Wednesday, two Ukrainian men -- Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman -- were arrested at Dulles International Airport as they tried to board an international flight. Earlier that day, the two, according to The Wall Street Journal, had lunch with Rudy Giuliani.